How technology deprivation led me to self discovery and blogging

It started little over a week ago now that the home router decided to just pack up and die, so no internet access at home for this little family of ours (I know, i know, some call it first world problems) but I do believe it’s a problem of sorts for those of us that are constantly switched on and connected, maybe just not in the sense that your thinking.

I think the problem wasn’t the lack of access but rather the constant bombardment that we put ourselves through by always being hypnotized by something or another!

Firstly just to make it clear I’m not anti-technology so this isn’t going to be one of those ranting blogs about how technology is evil etc…

Secondly trust me when i say that this is a huge realisation for a film-aholic, series-binger and tv guide scroller like me.

I call this part the withdrawals:

1) New smart tv which isn’t very smart anymore.

2) smart phones are no longer usefull because all you can do is call people… like why would you want to do that?!

3) tablets and laptops can be used for offline working… but does anyone do that anymore? 4) tablets again but more importantly the lifeline of many modern-day parents the Kid’s tablet.. have you ever tried explaining to a 18 month old baby girl why she can’t watch her favourite baby shows on her tablet.

5) all of a sudden everything that you can humanly do is no longer an option because there it is again… No internet.

So it got me thinking how did we ever survive without it?

Yes I went though all the Withdrawal realisations, followed by frustration and boredom before I started blogging… you’ve gotta love the irony of it all.

What didn’t help was the fact that this was one of the few days in the past few years or so that I actually got the flue and wanted nothing better to do than hide under an oversized duvet, have hot drinks, and be left alone to binge on t.v. so obviously the router decided to let me down!

But having this new free time on my hand was amazing… I’ve always been a thinker and in my earlier years I could be lost in my thought for hours… imagining without any limitations, pondering over random and wonderfull aspects of all creation… be it mathematical problems (I have an engineering background) to random problem solving in day to day life.

The sad part was that as I grew older and more distracted by filling my time with being on my phone, watching tv and always being distracted with technology… without realising it I had lost the ability to ponder and just listen to my own thoughts.

At points i had wondered how and why but couldn’t put my finger on cause… but whilst going through this “technology detox” it all started flooding back to be… to the point that I I was soo engulfed in thoughts that I couldn’t sleep at night..

After spending several hours in bed and still not being able to switch off from this new rush of thoughts (to be honest I enjoyed it apart from the fact that I had to wake up early so it was eating into my sleep time) I remembered some advise that I had previously given someone… “If your mind is consumed with too many things, try writhing them down” so I finally started taking my own advise and writhing it down… but I’ve never been good at keeping a diary and with only my phone to hand I started typing what would become my first attempt of a blog.

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A Parents Duty

It is the duty of a parent to wipe away a child’s tears and to remove any fears, to fill a life with joy and dreams of a future that can never be “impossible” to achieve, to instil greatness and to be a guiding light for those moments when the child is faced with challenges that allow them to feel demoralized or when faced with a view of the future that looks bleak.

It is the duty of the parent to instil hope and courage and the ability to overcome any calamity that may fall upon them.

This duty of a parent is not conditional but unconditional! It is not restricted by the mere limitations of time or distance… A child should not be considered “lucky” or “fortunate” to receive such basic and essential support, in other words love! It is and should be what every child deem as “normal” irrespective of the child’s age, for even a 50 year old person is still considered a child to the parent, though they may have children or even grandchildren of their own.

This love should be a “norm” for the child and like the narrative… if you show a child a magic trick and he will be mesmerized and amazed, because it’s exceptional and not his “norm” but show that same magic trick to a child that grew up surrounded by magic and he will not see this as anything other than the “norm”. This norm is what every child deserves and is entitled to the norm of a parent’s love and support.

This love should take many forms from a kiss good night to the reprimand for doing something wrong all can and should be done with love.

This support is not restricted to or measured by just emotional and financial support but any support that may take any form…. I’ll let you think of some more….

I once heard the son of a phycologis, quoting his farther once say that for as long as you remember that every action that every person carries out is in the pursuit of love and to feel loved, it will open your eyes to see why a human being like you and I would be silent, loud, soft or hard of character, How or why a “bully” has become a bully and why someone being bullied will accept the abuse.

This world we live in is heartbreakingly filled with too much “hate!” This hate has originated from misunderstood fears of others interpretation of “love”.
Our feeble attempts to protect our “love” and those that we love by succumbing to our fear of the unknown, our pride and our unwillingness to open our hearts to see or understand others love has only fuelled our blind contempt.

This hate is easy to cure! And it is cured by the one thing that is inert to us all… the pursuit of love… So love you’re children! Love your parents who are also someone’s children, and especially love those children that have lost their parents.

And remember that a parents love is unconditional and is not a tool to be used or played with but should be love of the purest form.

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